I’m From Arkansas

2307. I’M FROM ARKANSAS (1944-usa). WITH slim summerville, el brendel, iris adrian, bruce bennett, al “fuzzy” st. john, the pied pipers, jimmy wakely, cliff nazarro, carolina cotton. No, this film is not the “Bill Clinton Story.” It is instead a bright and breezy country-western musical comedy crammed with a pleasing Southern flavor. The setting is Pitchfork, Arkansas, a sleepy burg which becomes nationally famous when a sow named Esmeralda gives birth to eighteen piglets. Esmeralda is summarily dubbed the “pig with personality.” Thousands are expected to flock to Pitchfork to see her. Before they do, a troupe of showgirls troops there in the hope of playing to the audiences they have been unable to find elsewhere. They are playfully played for fools by some country-western performers who on a lark take on the personaliÂties of hillbillies. Can romance be far away? Then some fast-money men arrive in town and set out to explore why pigs in Pitchfork are such prolific breeders, leading to various plot complications. Still, the overall feel of the film is one of lighthearted amusement. It seems that every other minute one or another of the characters bursts into song. Slim Summerville and El Brendel are along for comic relief, with Summerville hilarious In his role as a stereotypically slow-witted and lethargic son of the South who becomes utterly perplexed when asked to count to three. 68 minutes. Musical Comedy