In Old Santa Fe

950. IN OLD SANTA FE (1934-USA). With KEN MAYNARD (and his horse Tarzan), GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, EVELYN KNAPP, GENE AUTRY, and SMILEY BURNETTE. An excellent action Western adventure, considered to be the finest ever made by Ken Maynard! While you won’t even find them given screen credit, this was the first movie ever made by Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette! While Gene and Smiley were well known on radio they had to practically beg Nat Levrne to give them a break (Levine didÑat $175 a week for bothÑthe rest is history!). Ken and his sidekick Gabby find themselves on Charlie Miller’s dude ranch. Ken falls for Charlie’s beautiful daughter while Charlie is blackmailed by two bad guys. Gene Autry sings and plays the guitar (it sounds hard to believe, but he hadn’t yet learned to ride a horse!). Ken is framed for murder while the villain tries to steal Charlie’s ranch, gold mine and daughter, too. When Gabby loses Tarzan in a fixed horse race, that’s the last straw for any red-blooded American movie cowboy! A rare combination of Ken MayÂnard and Gene Autry in one western. 64 minutes. Western