In The Money

2784. IN THE MONEY (1933-USA). With RICHARD “SKEEFS” GALLAGHER, LOIS WILSON, WARREN HYMER, FRANK COGHLAN, JR., LOUISE BEAVERS. This provocative and extremely likable Depression-era tale tells the dilemma of the Higginbottom brood. The lone responsible member of the family is Mary (whose nickname is “Lambie”), the oldest daughter. Mary cooks and serves breakfast while her ne’er-do-well siblings and in-laws sit around the table and squabble. The family patriarch is an absent-minded professor whose chemistry experiments consistently end in disaster. He and his children live off the dividends he receives from the chemical company he founded. The Depression hits the Higginbottom household one morning in the form of a letter telling that the professor’s company is broke. As a result, there will be no more dividends and the professor suddenly finds himself flat broke. This situation will affect all of the big plans hatched by the family. Sister Genie and husband Lionel hope to book a trip to Paris. Kid brother Dick desires to buy a motorcycle. Sister Babs wants to marry Gunboat Bimms, a prizefighter without a penny to his name. The dimwitted Gunboat has just retired from the ring because he has become obsessed with studying Shakespeare! So his entrance into the household will just mean one more mouth for Mary to feed! With the exception of young Dick, the Higginbottom brood respond like spoiled tykes at the suggestion that they solve their problems by going out and securing jobs. Then Spunk Hobbs, Gunboat’s manager, arrives on the scene with the intention of forcing the boxer back into the ring. With Spunk, may just come the answer to the Higginbottom clan’s collective prayers. 63 minutes. Comedy