Indestructible Man

2378. INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN (19S6-USA). With LON CHANEY, JR., CASEY ADAMS. Once a dead man always a dead man, right? Well, you won’t be so sure of the finality of death after experiencing this clever horror film. Lon Chaney, Jr. stars as “Butcher” Benton, a notorious criminal who is just about to be executed. “The Butcher” feels he was double-crossed by his cohorts, who turned state’s evidence. Now his “stinking, rotten mouthpiece” is pressuring him to reveal the whereabouts of a $600,000 fortune taken in an armored car heist. “I’m gonna get you. All of you,” the condemned man promises. “Even for you that’ll be quite a trick,” the lawyer responds, adding an ominous “So long, dead man.” “Remember what I said,” the condemned man mutters under his breath. “I’m gonna kill ya.” Soon after the execution, a research scientist attempting to discover a cure for cancer procures “The Butcher’s” corpse for his experiments. Incredibly, a terrific electrical shock brings the criminal back to life. He is no longer human, however. His cellular structure has been increased, leading to his having become a vicious and brutal animal with an almost inconceivable amount of strength. Anyone who did him dirt in his previous life is certain to now be in for one long and hideous nightmare! 70 minutes. Horror