381. INDISCREET U931-USA1. With CLORIA SWANSON, BEN LYON, ARTHUR LAKE. Musical direction by ALFRED NEWMAN. Produced by DE SYLVA, BROWN AND HENDERSON. Directed by LEO mccarey. Offbeat is too mild a term for this movie. Is it a tear-jerking romantic melodrama? A musical? A screwball comedy? Reportedly the film was planned as a musical, with fifteen numbers {logical enough-it was produced and co-written by a famous song- writing team}. But at the last minute, it was rewritten (by director Leo mccarey) and all but two Of the songs were elimiÂnated. We begin with soap opera, as Gloria Swanson rejects her worthless lover and gives up her life in the fast lane. Subsequently, her naive younger sister- not knowing about the affair-falls for the same man. To prove how bad he is, Swanson contrives to have Sis discover them together in a highly compromising situation, which leads to a dramatic confrontation between Swanson and her present boyfriend. The comedy comes in when Swanson Tries to convince the playboy’s parents that her entire family is insaneÑand she performs a series Of screwball antics at a posh dinner party, with silly-looking Arthur Lake (Of later Dagwood fame) as her sidekick. Mccarey (ÒDuck Soup,” “The Awful Truth”) was an expert at this kind Of zany farce, and it’s the highlight Of the movie. As for the songs, Swanson performs them skillfully, and they even fit reasonably well into the story. An intriguing piece Of entertainment for those with a taste for the truly unique! 74 minutes. Musical Romantic Comedy