Inner Circle, The

2608. THE INNER CIRCLE (1946-USA). With ADELE MARA, WARREN DOUGLAS, WILLIAM FRAWLEY, RICARDO CORTEZ, VIRGINIA CHRISTINE, EDWARD GARGAN. Handsome private investigator Johnny Strange of “Action Incorporated” is a man on the move in this brisk-paced, smart delective story. “Where others fail, I get action” is Johnny’s motto. One day a gorgeous and self-confident blonde who calls herself Geraldine Smith walks into his office just as he is placing an advertisement for a new secretary. He is looking for a young woman with “skin you love to touch and a heart you can’t.” Geraldine takes the job and moments later she is on the telephone with a mysterious woman who insists on getting together with Johnny. That night he meets her. She is a heavily veiled female with a Spanish accent, and she leads Johnny to the corpse of scandal-hungry radio columnist Anthony Fitch. Once they are in the room with the body, she knocks Jonnny unconscious and pulls off her disguise. She is Geraldine! Why would she try to frame Johnny for Fitch’s murder? Is she the real killer? What was the motive for murder? As the plot unfolds, the finger of suspicion points to a few choice suspects as Johnny sets out to apprehend the guilty party. Two terrific character actors add zest to this snappy mystery tale. One is former leading man Ricardo Cortez, playing a sophisticated gangster and nightclub manager named Duke York. The other is beloved William Frawley as a persistent police lieutenant who shadows Johnny in order to flesh out the killer. Here is an exciting mystery tale with clever dramatic twists and crisp dialogue. Based on a radio script with a small part for famous announcer KEN NILES (as a radio announcer!), the climax takes place in a radio station! It is a tantalizing treat for lovers of whodunits. 55 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense