International Crime

2255. INTERNATIONAL CRIME (1938-usa). WITH rod la rocque, astrid allwyn. This suspenseful yarn of robbery and homicide features the world’s most eminent criminologist and crime commentator. He is Lamont Cranston, otherwise known as ‘The Shadow.” Thousands of citiÂzens listen to his nightly radio crime report and read his newspaper column in “The Daily Classic.” His new assistant is a comical dame named Phoebe Lane. The self-proclaimed “Shadow’s Shadow,” Phoebe is a would be journalist who is fed up with the “baby and biscuit end of the newspaper business.” Incidentally, she also happens to be the niece of Cranston’s boss. Phoebe’s first day on the job proves to be an eventful one. A “man with an honest face” tells her that a robbery will be taking place that evening at the Metropolitan Theatre. She slips this news flash to The Shadow durÂing his broadcast. Police Commissioner Weston takes the bait and all available officers arrive at the scene. Everyone shows up but the robbers. The police prepare to leave just as a radio report comes in regarding a real robbery-murder across town at the home of financier Gerald Morton. Cranston and Phoebe have no choice but to set out to solve the Morton murder mystery. First they must travel from thieves’ den to posh nightclub in order to seek out the “man with an honest face.” 63 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense