Invisible Horror, The; Invisible Dr. Mabuse, The

2331. THE INVISIBLE HORROR (The Invisible Dr. Mabuse) (1960-Germany). With LEX BARKER, KARIN DOR. Operation X is a mysterious government project involving someÂthing that is “more important in its possibilities than the super bomb and space rockets.” An enigÂmatic figure with a booming voice who is only seen in shadow heads a gang of thugs who are intent upon learning the secret of Operation X. That figure is none other than the notorious Dr. Mabuse, famed master criminal. American FBI agent Nick Prado is investigating Mabuse and his gang, and has taken a special interest in an invisible phantom, which seems to be stalking a theatrical troupe. Upon snooping around backstage after a performance, Prado is captured and brutally murdered. Fellow agent Joe Como comes onto the scene to investigate this grisly crime and immediately is threatened with death. Next he meets sultry dancer Liane Martin, who senses she is being pursued by an invisible man! This is the kind of edge-of-your-seat thriller in which no character seems to be revealing all that he or she knows. Anybody might have a hidden agenda. Anyone might be a killer. Anybody might even be rendered invisible! Dubbed in English. 85 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense