Jane Eyre

2189. JANE EYRE (1934-usa). WITH Virginia Bruce, Colin Clive, Aileen Pringle. A VIVID, entertaining adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte classic which tells the story of the title character, a dreamy orphan who only wants people to love her and be kind to her. Instead, she is forced to endure the most hellish of childhoods. Jane first is abominably abused by her aunt and cousins. Then she is sent to Lowood, a girls’ orphanage whose poor little charges are treated more like prison inmates than unfortunates who have suffered ill luck, Jane spends eight years at Lowood, growing into a lovely young woman. She ends up securing a position as governess of Thornfield Hall, an estate owned by the mysterious Edward Rochester. Her job is to look after Rochester’s young niece. On the night of Jane’s arrival, she observes in her diary that Rochester is a “strange man.” As she will soon find out, this is no exaggeration. Colin Clive is appropriately brooding as Rochester while beautiful Virginia Bruce is nothing short of incandescent as Jane. 64 minutes. Drama