Joe Rock: Stunts Of A Silent Movie Comedian

1. TOO MUCH DUTCH (1923-USA). With JOE ROCK. In Holland, Joe does not simply tiptoe through the tulips to make a date with his lady love. Instead, be must fight off a swarm of bees, get soaked in a rainstorm and then get struck by giant lightning bolts. Imagine, all this happens BEFORE a ferocious bear enters the village!
2. CHOP SUEY LOUIE (1923-USA). With JOE ROCK. In this fast- exotic Asian setting, Joe makes an unforgettable entrance on the back of a flying ostrich. He is a sailor on shore leave who falls head over heels (literally!) for a young lady whose watch has been stolen. When the pretty victim’s father tells Joe he would give “anything” to get the watch back, Joe sets out to win his love.
3. RIP’S BOOZE SNOOZE (1924-USA). With JOE ROCK. In this spoof of the Rip Van Winkle story, Joe is a sweet, but henpecked hero who squirms under the thumb of a domineering mother-in-law. When a playful clam on his dinner plate accidentally bites her nose, she exiles him to the hills. Finally, with no mean witch to yell orders at him, he curls up for a long and peaceful sleep.
4. IT’S A BEAR (1924-USA). With JOE ROCK. In most big city apartment buildings, pets and babies are not allowed. As the owners of a dog and parents to an infant with the vocal chords of an opera star, tenants Joe and his mate have devised a few masterful camouflage tricks to fool the snoopy janitor. However, none of their schemes can possibly prepare them for the day a pet bear moves in!
“Silent” films with music score. 61 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy