Joe Rock: Stunts Of A Silent Movie Comedian

1. ALADDIN: THE STORY OF THE WONDERFUL LAMP (1923-USA). With JOE ROCK. Co-directed by ROCK and NORMAN TAUROG. Everyone knows the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp. This nifty satirical reworking of the fable features slapstick comic Joe Rock in the title role, and is loaded with oodles of knock-down comedy. The scenes with Rock and the lion are among the highlights. 2. OLIVER TWISTED (1923-USA). With JOE ROCK. Twisted is right! Little Orphan Oliver is taken in by ragman Bill Sykes and quickly grows up to be played by Rock. Charles Dickens could not have imagined his classic story of 19th-century England reworked in such a riotous and outlandish fashion!
3. LITTLE RED ROBIN HOOD (1923-USA). With JOE ROCK. Rock plays a wallflower who envisions himself Robin Hood after his girlfriend brands him a coward. However, this Robin is far more the boob than the hero.
4. HOLD TIGHT (1925-USA). With JOE ROCK. Titles by TAY GARNETT. Rock plays Billy Blah, a nincompoop who wreaks havoc wherever he goes. He is such a dolt that he confuses a sock and a glove. Don’t look for logic here, just sit back and enjoy. The scenes on board the airplane are especially funny. “Silent” films with music score. 62 minutes total. “Silent” Comedies