Juliet Of The Spirits

1792. JULIET OF THE SPIRITS (1965-ITALY). Color. WITH giulietta masina, sandra milo MARIO PISU. Conceived and directed by FEDERICO FELLINI. This piece of inspired brilliance from Federico Fellini, the master Italian filmmaker, is his first color filmÑ and one in a long line of his provocative, classic features. Masina (who is the director’s wife) stars as Giulietta, a repressed, guilt- ridden bourgeois wife who senses that her husband, Giorgio, is having an affair. After all, he is returning home late each evening, and is showing her no romantic attention. Giulietta’s fears setoff an elaborate, surreal Felliniesque fantasy, which involves a gallery of spirits, representing various individuals from her past and present. Some simply mirror her feelings; others represent her childhood, and childhood perceptions; still others insist thatÕs he transcend her repression, and live a life of self-fulfillment. However, what will happen to Giulietta in her real world after she hires a detective to follow GiorgioÑand receives conclusive proof that he is, indeed, seeing another woman? Will Giulietta fall apart, or will she arrive^^^ at a new plane, with a new sense of herself and her place in the world! Ephraim Katz calls the film ‘an exercise in psychoanalysis”…(and) a visually dazzling, nearly gaudy production with no coherent plot but many absorbing psychological and social observations.” Georges Sadoul notes that it “is a fantasy, though not in the usual sense of the word; it is fantasy in that it escapes the limits of what is often dubbed ‘reality.’ Though different from his earlier films, it could lay justifiable claim to being his best.” In Italian with English subtitles. 133 minutes. Drama