Jungle Siren

2303. JUNGLE SIREN (1942-USA). With ANN CORIO, BUSTER CRABBE. This colorful and action- packed adventure is set deep in the African jungle. World War II is on and the natives of Carraby are being made restless by a dastardly Nazi devil who is intent on instigating revolution against the white population. Heroic American surveyor Gary Hart and his Brooklyn-bred buddy are dispatched to Carraby by the French underground. Their job is to promote goodwill among the natives and stake out a strategic spot for the construction of an airstrip to be used by the free French. This is destined to be no simple task given the fervor of the opposition, who already has gained the alleÂgiance of an influential and warlike tribal chief. Action movie hero Buster Crabbe is appropriately stalwart as Hart while famed stripper Ann Corio has a rare acting role as a seductive and scantily- clad white woman whose deceased parents were missionaries. She has grown up among the Carraby populace and is destined to play a key role in the proceedings. 66 minutes. Jungle Adventure