Keystone Comedies: Ambrose Returns

2065. KEYSTONE COMEDIES VOLUME VI: AMBROSE RETURNS (1915-USA). The further adventures of Mack Swain’s lovable, lecherous and of course slapstick character: Ambrose! Produced by MACK SENNETT.
1. AMBROSE’S LOFTY PERCH (April, 1915). With MACK SWAIN, LOUISE FAZENDA. King Ambrose is looking for a queen, and boy will he get crowned!
2. AMBROSE’S FURY (March, 1915). With MACK SWAIN, LOUISE FAZENDA. Cheating husband, always get theirs in the end! Watch for scenes shot in nearby Venice and Santa Monica.
3. WILLFUL AMBROSE (March, 1915). With MACK SWAIN, LOUISE FAZENDA. Ambrose is such” good shot that he plugs a wild beer stein that Mrs. Ambrose was planning to give him. Ach du leiber!
4. THOSE BITTER SWEETS (June, 1915). With MAE BUSCH, HARRY, McCOY. No Ambrose in sight “the ever-popular Mae Bosch” takes a spin in her boyfriend’s new flivver. 47 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies