Keystone Comedies: The Frolics Of Fatty

2059. KEYSTONE COMEDIES VOLUME I: The Frolics Of Fatty (1915). Acting in the movies since 1908, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle went to work for MACK SENNETT in 1913, who immediately recognized him as a “natural” comic for Keystone’s brand of slapstick, the details about the sad end of Fatty’s career are well known, here is some of the very funny beginning.
1. FATTY’S FAITHFUL FIDO (March, 1915). With FATTY ARBUCKLE, MINTA DURFEE, AL ST. JOHN. Fatty battles skinny Al for the affections of Minta. A fight in front of the laundry (note the sign!) And the chase is on!
2. FATTY’S TINTYPE TANGLE (July, 191S). With FATTY ARBUCKLE, LOUISE FAZENDA, EDGAR KENNEDY. A tintype was a form of photography, often used by street cameramen of the day. Fatty has his picture taken while kissing a young lady in the park. Her husband sees the tintype and the chase is on!
FATTY’S NEW ROLE (February, 1915). With FATTY ARBUCKLE, AL ST. JOHN, MACK SWAIN, SLIM SUMMERVILLE. The term “terrorist” hadn’t been invented in 191S, but bartender Mack Swain thinks that’s just what Fatty is. All Fatty really wants of course, is the free lunch! 47 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies