Kid Ranger, The

1298. THE KID RANGER (1936-usa). With Bob Steele, William Farnum. The setting of this solid little ÒBÓ Western is the wild, wooly, violent and lawless frontier. Sheriff Bill Mason (“silent” screen star William Famum, now cast in character roles) is forced to gun down an old friend: an otherwise detent and honest widower who’d been down on his luck, and who was forced to steal some money that would allow him to care for his little daughter Mary. The kind-hearted sheriff turns in his badge, and adopts Mary. She grows to womanhood: her beau is Ray BurÂton (the popular, pint-sized cowboy hero Bob Steele). There’s no shortage of galloping horses, fisticuffs and impresÂsive stunt work here-as well as a moral to the story: The Texas Rangers always get their man! This abridged version of The KID Ranger was directed by ROBERT NORTH BRADBURY, prolific maker of scores of silent and sound Western featuresÑand the father of Bob Steele. 51 minutes. Western