Killers From Space

1150. KILLERS FROM SPACE (1954-USA). WITH Peter Graves, Barbara Bestar, Frank Gerstel, SHEP MENKEN. Soledad Flats, Nevada. 6:15 a.m. an A-bomb test is underway. All observersÑreporters, researchers, and military personnel from private to generalÑmove into position. The bomb carrying plane makes its initial run. Tension mounts as it wings its way to ground zero. Detonation minus ten seconds, nine, eightÉtwo, one, zero. Alas, after dumping its load, the plane crashes. No one could possibly have survived. Miraculously, though. Dr. Doug Martin (Peter Graves) has. He appears out of nowhere perfectly fit, except for a mysterious scar on his chest. ActuÂally, he did die, but has been brought back to life by aliens from the planet Astron Delta, who are plotting to invade earth. He’s also been ordered to deliver to them top secret atomic information. “If I’m insane,” the doctor warns the authorities, “nothing will happen and you can do what you want with me. But if I’m right…” Shot on a miniscule budget- the aliens all wear what look like hooded sweatsuits, and have eyes that appear to be eggshells glued to their facesÑthis in an eniertainingly hokey relic of its era that still manages its share of thrills and intrigue. 68 minutes. Science Fiction