King Kelly Of The U.S.A.

2818. KING KELLY OF THE U.S.A. (1934-USA). With GUY ROBERTSON, EDGAR KENNEDY, IRENE WARE, FRANKLYN PANGBORN, JOYCE COMPTON. “Kelly’s Affairs Of 1934” is neither an Irishman’s list of romantic conquests nor the hottest revue to come to Broadway since the heyday of Ziegfeld. It is an all-girl show which sets sail on a steamship heading from New York to Paris, lts boss and peerless leader is James W, Kelly (played by little-known but multi-talented Guy Robertson), and he warns his charges to stick to singing and dancing and avoid shipboard romances. “I’ve agreed to deliver an entire cast,” Kelly tells his “Affairs.” “So if any of you think you’re gonna grab off a rich husband and quit show business you’re all wrong.” Kelly admonishes them to “keep your minds on your feet and off your hearts. In other words, stay away from men.” This of course does not mean that Jim Kelly will stay away from women! One lovely young miss on board is of special interest to him. She is Catherine Bell, who is described as a “person of considerable importance.” You can safely bet your trousseau that Kelly’s showgirls will do anything but heed his advice. Especially, since steamships sailing for Paris are synonymous with wealthy and eligible bachelors. What follows is a peppy comedy crammed with music and romance. It ends up taking Kelly all the way to the less-than-exotic European dominion of Belgardia, whose king certainly is a sight to behold! A pair of crackerjack comical supporting players add to the fun. They are Edgar Kennedy as Kelly’s goofball second-in-command and Franklyn Pangborn as J. Ashmore Brockton, who proves to be not quite the man that his name implies! 61 minutes. Musical Comedy