King Murder, The

2366.THE KING MURDER (1932-USA). WITH conway tearle, natalie moorhead, MARCELINE DAY, DON ALVARADO. Blonde golddigger Miriam King is found dead in her satin- sheeted bed. Her demise leaves no grieving mourners. Indeed, Miriam has a history of seeking material support from wealthy society gents. She is not above making extra pocket money by trapÂping her sweethearts into engagements and then blackmailing them with incriminating love letters. Shortly before her death, she threatens one of her married society lovers. If he does not give her $5000, she promises to “raise a stink that will smell up your whole family.” That a woman as sordid as Miriam is done in should come as no real surprise. The astonishing element is the manner by which she is murdered. There are no signs of struggle, and her facial muscles are relaxed. No weapon is found. Chief Inspector Henry Barton of the Homicide Squad (nicely played by urbane screen veteran Conway Tearle) narrows the murder weapon to a poison-dipped needle. His investiÂgation turns to finding that needle in a complex haystack of suspicious characters and ensuing crimes. The result is an intelligent and spellbinding mystery which apparently was based on a real- life murder case. 67 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense