Lady Confesses, The

2671. THE LADY CONFESSES (1945-USA). With MARY BETH HUGHES, HUGH BEAUMONT. Vicki McGuire and Larry Craig are planning to be married. One evening, a surprise visitor shows up at Vicki’s door: Larry’s wife! It’s not that Larry has been deceiving Vicki. She knows that he once was married, and that his wife had disappeared many years before. According to the law, she has been away long enough to enable Larry and Vicki to begin their life together. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m very much alive,” Norma Craig declares. “It’s not that I want him for myself. I most certainly don’t…He’ll never marry you nor anyone else. I’ll see to that’.” While this is happening, Larry has been out nightclubbing and has imbibed one-too-many double scotches. After sobering up, he picks up Vicki, and the two pay a visit to Norma to confront her. Only problem is, they arrive to find Norma Craig a corpse and the police already on the scene. For obvious reasons, Larry and Vicki are the most logical suspects, and the cops commence an investigation. In order to prove their innocence and ferret out the truth, nervy Vicki elects to go undercover and play detective at the club where Larry spent most of the evening of the murder. Add to the mix a dogged police inspector, a friendly chanteuse and a suspicious nightclub owner and what you have is an atmospheric and neatly turned mystery melodrama featuring the most clever plot twist imaginable! 65 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense