Lady Of Burlesque

570. LADY Of BURLESQUE (1943-USA). With BARBARA STANWYCK, MICHAEL O’SHEA, CHARLES DINGLE, IRIS ADRIAN, PINKY LEE, GERALD MOHR. Based on “The G-String Murders” by GYPSY ROSE LEE. Here’s a fun musical/murder mystery, adapted from a novel by the era’s most famous strip tease artist. Her story is one Of mayhem at a Broadway burlesque theater, where one by one strippers are being found dead-strangled by their own G-strings! Hollywood legend Barbara Stanwyck stars in a role that was tailor- made for her talent: the hard-boiled, tough-talking Dixie Daisy, the Darling Of Burlesque – a character clearly based on Lee. Dixie survives one murder attempt, unlike her less fortunate sister strippers. Will she be the one to unmask the culprit, or will she, too, end up with a garter around her neck and the life squeezed out Of her? See if you can guess the killer’s identity; certainly, there’s a chorus line full Of characters with motives. Amid the mystery plot, Stanwyck gets to raise everyone’s temperature as she sings “come on and give me heat…” There also are some hot dance routines, rapid-fire banter and pulchritude aplenty. 92 minutes. Mystery-Comedy