Lady Windermere’s Fan

1084. LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN (1925-usa). with ronald colman, may mcavoy, Bert LYTELL. Produced arid directed by ERNST LUBITSCH. In his sixth American film, the famed director brings the Lubitsch touch to Oscar Wilde’s tale Of upper class manners and morals. Convinced her husband is having an affair with a glamorous and slightly notorious older woman, young Lady Windermere turns her affections to amorous Lard Darlington, who is eager to encourage her suspicions about her husband’s behavior. Scandal almost results when Lady Windermere loses her fan in Lord Darlington’s apartments but it’s the presumed naughty lady (in reality Lady Windermere’s long lost mother) who sacrifices her own reputation to save Lady Windermere’s marriage. A sophistiÂcated and subtle comedy-dram, all sly looks and gestures, secret smiles and deadpan visual wit. Although it can’t be denied that Lubitsch reached his peak as an artist in his later sound films, many critics regard this as his best silent picture, full Of incisive details, discreet touches and nuances Of gesture. Silent film with music score, correct projecÂtion speed. 119 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama