1660. LAFAYETTE (1963-France-ltaly). COLOR. With MICHEL LEBOYER, PASCALE AUDRET, JACK HAWKINS, ORSON WELLES, EDMUND PURDOM, VITTORIO DESJCA, ALBERT REMY, HOWARD ST. JOHN, RENEE SAINT CYR. An all-star international cast adds luster to this costume spectacle that chronicles the life and times Of the Marquis de Lafayette, the Frenchman whose assistance was so crucial to our country’s founding fathers during the American Revolution. The focus is on Lafayette, a nobleman and outspoken advocate Of liberty and freedom whose sympathies lie with the American colonists then rising up in arms against the crown. He soon finds himself aiding a weary George Washington and his ragged, ill-equipped army as they attempt to undermine the authority Of the haughty British General Cornwallis. A key element Of the scenario is the Marquis’ relationship with his beautiful young wife. There are a host Of familiar faces and names sprinkled throughout, including Jack Hawkins as Cornwallis; Edmund Purdom as Silas Deane; character actors Howard St. John and Albeit Remy as, respectively, George Washington a rid Louis XVI; and two Of the movies’ most respected filmmakers, each Of whom enjoyed careers in front Of the camera: Orson Welles, cast as Benjamin Franklin, and Vittorio De Sica, in the role Of BancrOft. Dubbed in English. 84 minutes. Historical Drama