Latin Quarter; Frenzy

2452. FRENZY (Latin Quarter) (1945-England). With DERRICK DE MARNEY, JOAN GREENWOOD. This atmospheric Victorian chiller is set in the Latin Quarter of Paris in 1893. A sculptor named Charlie Garrie has just left his own comfortable studio to rent the seedy lodgings of a fellow artist named Minetti who had just gone insane and died. For some unexplained reason, Garrie has taken great care to insure that everything in the studio remains just as it was when Minetti lived there. Furthermore, curious occurrences are taking place within the studio’s walls. It seems as if some strange and hideous evil spirit lurks there. It is no surprise then that Garrie’s behavior has become erratic and those who care for him fear that he has become desperately ill. His model Lucille is very much in love with him. She implores her friend Dr. Krasner, France’s most famed criminologist, to investigate. The doctor sets out to learn why Garrie is so attracted to the studio. As he finds out so does the viewer, with the result being at once deeply involving and exceptionally entertaining. 71 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense