Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme; Would-Be Gentlman, The

898. LE BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMME (The Would-Be Gentlemen) (1958-France). COLOR. “A ComedieÑBallet in 5 acts in prose…for the entertainment Of the King.” Performed by the ComŽdie Franais. An evening’s entertainment in the tradition Of the “Commedia Dell ‘Arte”; a combination Of music, dance and song. Written by MoliŽre, whose plays were Often comedies about human personality traits satirized to excess. The “Would-Be Gentlemen” in this case is adorned with an elegant dressing gown and an absurd chapeau, as he aspires to a higher station in life. The mug is by Jean Baptiste Lully, a contemporary Of Moliere whose music set the pattern for French Opera, concert music and even the symphonic orchestra in years to come, LullyÕs melodies are lyrical and colorful; his settings featured lavish costumes, ballets and dances. Opulence to both ear and eye came from MoliŽre and Lully in abundance. C’est Magnifique! In French with English subtitles. 97 minutes. French Comedy