Leon Errol: Henpecked Two Reelers

1. TWIN HUSBANDS (1946-USA). With LEON ERROL, DOROTHY GRANGER, JASON ROBARDS- Double trouble when Leon’s “twin brother” comes to visit just when Leon leaves town! The eternal henpecked husband in a dual role and twice as funny. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #581.
2. DEAR! DEER! (1942-USA). With LEON ERROL. One of the most popular stars of sound comedy shorts, in a typically uproarious henpecked-husband farce. Leon returns from a wild convention, and tells his wife he was on a hunting trip. When a young lady suddenly appears and tells him she’s “Mrs. Errol,” Leon thinks he must have married her while on his drunken spree. Before she can explain that she’s his son’s bride, Leon tries to pay her off, then to hide her from his suspicious wife. Other mistaken identities and complications create a delightfully bewildering maze of coverups and confessions. (And what’s that deer head doing in the middle of all of this?) Great fun! NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #153.
3. BEWARE OF REDHEADS (1945*USA). With LEON ERROL. One morning, a rather aggressive redhead lays siege on Leon’s office. Poor Leon is hung over from a wild party he attended the previous evening. It seems that he had met the woman at the party and somehow her compact ended up in his coat pocket. She has come to retrieve it before her husband notices that it is missing. The plot thickens as Leon’s own better half arrives on the scene. It just so happens that she already has found the compact and has come to demand an explanation. What follows is one fiendishly funny and cleverly devised marital farce. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #2619.
4. SWEET CHEAT (1949-USA). With LEON ERROL, VINCE BARNFTT. Leon is (as usual) having a row with his wife. Mrs. Errol is irate because Leon has just returned from a business trip to Buffalo, where she is convinced he has another woman stashed away. The fun starts when Leon’s boss dispatches him on yet another junket to Buffalo and Mrs. Errol conspires to follow him and catch him in the act! NOTE: This film also appears as cal. #2619. 70 minutes total. Comedy