Les Grands Seigneurs; Les Gentleman D’Epsom; Duke Of the Derby, The; Last Gentman, The

2773. LES GRANDS SEIGNEURS (The Last Gentleman) (The Duke Of The Derby) (Les Gentleman D’Epsom) (1965-FRANCE). With JEAN GABIN, MADELEINE ROBINSON, LOUIS De FUNES. Jean Gabin is a true legend of the French cinema. He is to European movies what Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart were to Hollywood, and he is an absolute delight in this sweetly amusing and wistful character study. Gabin is cast in a role he was born to play: a colorful silver-haired chap who is known to one and all as The Commander, it so happens that this crafty, charming and worldly gentleman has spent his life living and breathing tout sheets. You can be sure to find The Commander wherever there is a horse race or a game of chance. He is forever looking for (and dispensing advice on) horses that are “jackpots” and “sure things.” The Commander’s bank account cannot match (and one suspects, has never matched) his dapper appearance. Perhaps the tales he tells of his racetrack victories and other past exploits are just a wee bit tall. One thing is for certain, though. In his day, The Commander was a famed ladies’ man. At one point, he bumps into a still-beautiful old flame who ends up telling him, “Darling, you’ll never grow up. Thanks for staying just as I remember you.” The same might be said for Jean Gabin, whose undeniable star power makes this film a special treat indeed. In French with English subtitles. Shadowboxed. 84 minutes. Drama