Let’s Sing Again

2011. LET’S SING AGAIN (1936-USA). With BOBBY BREEN, HENRY ARMETTA. Here is a warmÂhearted musical tale with the perfect title for a Depression-era film. It stars Bobby Breen, Canadian- born child singer-actor who earned his initial fame as a regular on Eddie Cantor’s radio show. This is his screen debut, and it made him an instant movie star. It’s the story of Leon Alba, a struggling American opera singer who has come to Italy with his wife and infant son to establish his career. Even though he has just won an understudy job, his male is impatient and wants to return home. She does exactly that, setting sail without Leon and taking their child with her. Eight years pass. Cut to a Connecticut orphanage which is the home of young Billy Gordon, Leon’s son. His mother has died and he knows nothing of his roots, but he does have a lovely singing voice and a special feeling for opera. Billy sneaks off to see a travelling theater passing through town. On the bill is Joseph Pasquale (character actor Henry Armetta, fondly recalled for playing warm-hearted personalities with thick-as- soup Italian accents). Pasquale is a once famous but now obscure opera tenor. Billy is taken with Pasquale and stows away in his trailer. At first the entertainer is angry but his mood soon changes upon hearing Billy’s honey-sweet voice, Pasquale becomes the boy’s devoted pal and mentor. Meanwhile, Leon has earned acclaim onstage. His success is bitter, though, because he desperately misses his lost son. you know that parent and child are sure to be reunited, but this will not come about without plenty of plot twists and opportunities for Breen to show off his exquisite voice. 65 minutes Musical Drama