Lightning Warrior, The

3175. THE LIGHTNING WARRIOR (1931-USA). 12 Episode Mascot Serial. With RIN-TIN-TIN, FRANKIE DARRO, GEORGE BRENT, YAKIMA CANUTT, PAT O’MALEY. The “Drums Of Doom” cut through the air at the Sainte Suzanne Trading Post. These ever-beating “phantom drums” have been terrorizing the populace. No one knows where they come from. No one knows what they mean. In addition, mysterious arrows have been coming from out of nowhere and landing inside the post. Attached to them are messages alerting the settlers that they must leave the district by the new moon, because it belongs to the Indians. However, there are no longer any indians in the area. There haven’t been any for twenty years. The post’s sheriff and two “volunteers” with well-hidden agendas head into the hills to investigate. Meanwhile, two men are murdered by arrows. Both killings are marked by the presence of a mysterious figure covered from head to toe in black. Who is he? How is he connected to all the eerie and deadly goings-on? One of the murder victims is the father of young Jimmy Carter (not the future president) who has just returned to the area from school. The other is Bill Scott, who is the master of the fabled and stalwart German Shepherd Rin-Tin-Tin. You know you’re in for a great serial when a dog gets top billing! Scott’s brother Alan arrives on the scene and reveals to Jimmy that Bill was a special government agent who had come to the community to investigate the pounding drums. Alan decides to stay around and finish his brother’s work. Of course he will do so, with the able assistance of Jimmy and Rinty. This exciting and neatly- plotted early sound serial is noteworthy as one of the earliest screen appearances of major star-to-be George Brent, cast as Alan Scott. 212 minutes. Serial