Little World Of Don Camillo, The

1678. THE LITTLE WORLD Of DON CAMILLO (1951-France-italy). With FERNANDEL CINO CERVI. Narrated by ORSON WELLES. This comic fable, which spotlights the talents Of the incomparable Fernandel, was certainly topical back in 1951 – and decades later the film remains just as fresh, funny and relevant as a mirror Of the human condition. Fernandel is cast as the title character, a priest who ministers to the populace in a small, poor Northern Italian town. The crux Of the scenario details Don Carnillo’s outrage when the Communists are elected to Office, as well as his various escapades when he tangles with the hamlet’s new mayor, a flag-waver who’s committed to his cause. While they are reluctant to admit it, both men do remain fond Of each other. Will they come together to help a desperate young couple, the Offspring Of feuding families, who have fallen in love? The film works best, however, as a satire Of religion and politics, with Fernandel effortlessly stealing the show with his crafty performance. Orson Welles narrates, and also provides the voice Of God – with whom Don Camillo occasionally holds conversations. Dubbed in English, 106 minutes. Comedy