Lloyd Hamilton Comedies

1. BREEZING ALONG (1927-USA). With LLOYD HAMILTON. Written and directed by NORMAN TAUROG. Wealthy Mrs. De Spout is looking to hire a butler, gardener, janitor and chauffeur all rolled into one. Her choice for the job is S. Sylvester Sebastian, a natural-born dolt. He is played to perfection by popular screen comic Lloyd Hamilton.
2. DONT BE NERVOUS (1929-USA). With LLOYD HAMILTON. Hamilton has two roles in this divine comedy. First he is “Nick The Sheik,” a notorious ganglord just released from prison. He also plays Vernon Snodgrass, a boob who is Nick’s double. Of course, one and all will mistake Snodgrass for the Sheik.
3. DOUBLING IN THE QUICKIES (19324JSA). With LLOYD HAMILTON. Lloyd plays dumber-than-dumb delicatessen owner Joe Diltz, whose recent loss is Hollywood’s gain. Joe’s best gal, Marge Clancy, has headed west to try and make it in the movies. Her screen tests offer hilarious proof that Marge is no threat to Marlene Dietrich. Joe follows her to the movie capital to surprise her, and Tinseltown will never be the same!
4. PRIZE PUPPIES (1930-USA). With LLOYD HAMILTON. Hamilton starts out by cleverly stifling the sounds of his singing, tap-dancing and musical instrument-playing neighbors, and ends up being mistaken for an “eccentric” dog show judge.
Sound films and “silent” film with music score. 70 minutes total.