Lonely Sex, The

2418. THE LONELY SEX (1960-USA). Emotions run high in this persuasive and provocative morality tale which will have you discussing its implications long after its final credits. The sceÂnario’s focus is on two men. The first is a hypocrite. He is a plump and bearded fellow known as Mr. Wyler, who is forever garbed in a bow tie. He is the secret admirer of a pretty showgirl. However, he dares not speak with her but instead spies on her as she strips off the last remnants of her clothes. The term “dirty old man” seems to have been invented for Mr. Wyler. The second man is a deeply disturbed loner who is friendless and sexually inadequate. He is unable to hold a job. He is berated by his bitchy sister; the sole person with whom he confides his feelings is a floozy in a bar. He also is incapable of controlling his anger. One afternoon he strangles a girl in a park. His mere presence frightens another, who stumbles while running away from him. She is knocked unconscious, and promptly becomes his prisoner. By coincidence she resides in the same rooming house as Mr. Wyler, who had been constantly making salacious remarks to her and “accidentally” entering her room and invading her privacy. How will Mr. Wyler respond upon learning about the behavior of his counterpart? How justified are his actions? 58 minutes. Melodrama