Lonely Wives

27. LONELY WIVES (1931-usa). WITH edward everett horton, esther ralston, patsy RUTH MILLER, LAURA LA PLANTE. Horton shines in two roles, as a sober lawyer who becomes a woman chaser by night, and the “Great Zero,” a vaudeville impersonator. By day, Richard Smith is a respected criminal lawyer; however, come 8 p.m., he’s inclined to forget that he’s a married man. According to his butler, “The little birds start singing in his soul, and he begins to bloom…. Any pretty woman can twist him around her finger, and the prettier she is, the more twisted he gets.” Zero, meanwhile, is a famous vaudeville artist who wishes to add Smith to his list Of impersonations. What follows is a rollicking drawing room- and bedroom – farce. The pre-Code script is loaded with comic wisecracks, double entendres and sexual situations. The joke Of it is the casting Of Horton, the paper-thin comedian who usually played prissy fussbudgets. He is especially amusing in the role Of Smith, as he’s transformed as the clock chimes eight bells, from a man whose motto is “strictly business” to an unrepentant playboy. 86 minutes. Comedy