Louisiana Story

907. LOUISIANA STORY (1948-USA). Produced and directed by ROBERT FLAHERTY. Story by FRANCES and ROBERT FLAHERTY. Music by VIRGIL THOMSON, performed by members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, EUGENE ORMANDY conducting. “Being an account of certain adventures of a Cajun (Acadian) boy who lives in the marshlands of Petit Anse Bayou in Louisiana” This is the last film made by the man considered to be “the father of the documentary:’ Made for Standard Oil, “Louisiana Story” shows how the lives of a charming backwoods youth and his family are changed when his father leases his land to an oil company. The story of how the new oil derrick affects the Bayou country, the boy and his raccoon, is told by Robert Flaherty with intelligence and taste. Flaherty’s ability to capture the essence of a locale (as in his famous “Nanook of the North”) is perfected in this, his final effort. The photography is simple yet beautiful; the music is perfectly suited to the subject; the editing is direct and uncomplicated. Working on only a dozen projects throughout his 32 year film career, Flaherty nonetheless “wrote the book” on documentary technique, inventing methods and styles still seen on the screen today. Flaherty’s work is stilt taught in film courses, “Louisiana Story” still captivates, charms and most important, still does its job of taking the viewer to a special time and place. 79 minutes. Documentary