Love Factor, The; Zeta One

2557. THE LOVE FACTOR (Zeta One) (1968-England) COLOR. With JAMES ROBERTSON JUSTICE, CHARLES HAWTREY, DAWN ADDAMS. Ooh la la. Out of the swinging 1960s comes this ultra-chic and ultra-mod sex romp, which works as a clever spoof of spy movies and science-fiction adventures. The hero is a handsome hunk of a secret agent whose name is James (not quite Bond). He is a bachelor who, as you will see, leads anything but a monastic existence. James arrives home from his latest assignment to find a beautiful blonde in his apartment. She insists on hearing the details of the mission, but not before facing off against him in a hot game of strip poker. Soon afterward, James relates a fantastic tale involving several intriguing characters. One is the nefariously evil Major Bourdon. Another is the mysterious Zeta, the head honcho of a futuristic colony populated by sexy young women who are recruited by being kidnapped off the London streets. Sprinkled throughout this wild and woolly time capsule are oodles of buxom women, most of whom are scantily clad, if not completely in the altogether. Among the film’s highlights are a wacky nude wrestling sequence and a psychedelic interlude involving a naked damsel who floats through time and space! 85 minutes. Sexploitation