Lux Video Theater, The

2566. THE LUX VIDEO THEATRE. “Holiday Affair” (December 22, 1955-USA) With PHYLLIS THAXTER, SCOTT BRADY, ROBERT HUTTON, CHRIS OLSEN, ELLIOTT REID, . HERB BUTTERFIELD. NBC-TV. Includes a Pepsodent and a Lux Soap Commercial (featuring Jan Sterling). A heart-warming Christmas drama about a young widow trying to raise her son by working as a department store comparison shopper. Getting a handsome toy salesman fired, a triangle romance soon develops. Host OTTO KRUGER appears with MARGARET O’BRIEN and WALTER BRENNAN for a post-story interview and preview of the new film “Glory.” Almost everyone forgets their lines or looks extremely uncomfortable except for announcer KEN CARPENTER who makes a rare on-camera appearance. 54 minutes Live TV Drama