Mad Lover; Enemy Of Women

1911. MAD LOVER (Enemy Of Women) (1944-usa). With claudia drake, paul
ANDOR, RALPH MORGAN. This stark, unsubtle drama was produced at the height Of World War II, when Germany and Germans were for good reason among the chief stock villains in Hollywood movies. It is a based-on-fact account Of the life and times Of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels (played by Goebbels lookalike Paul Andor), Adolph Hitler’s notorious propaganda minister. In no uncertain terms, Goebbels is described as “the shrewdest, most unscrupulous propagandist (he world has ever seen” and “a man who does not stop at murder to accomplish his objective: power for the Nazi Party.” The scenario traces his life back to 1925, with Goebbels a poor, unknown playwright who finds work as a child’s tutor. Promptly, he pollutes the mind Of his young charge, telling the boy, “Napoleon would have conquered the whole world if he had been Of the Master Race.” Goebbels shamelessly lusts after Maria Brandt, a pretty but struggling actress, and becomes a zealous supporter Of a rabble-rouser named Adolph Hitler. Along with the Fuhrer-to-be, Goebbels embraces the tenets Of Nazism and, together, they rise to power. At the same time, his hankering for Maria remains unabated. Her career has been stagnating, so he uses his influence to bolster her prOfessionally. Soon, she is being touted as Germany’s most promising movie star. However, you can bet that she will have to pay a price, especially when she falls in love with another man. This politically loaded tale damns Goebbels, Hitler and their ilk, while capturing a certain aspect Of the American sensibility in the first half Of the 1940’s. 86 minutes. Drama