Mad Youth

2439. MAD YOUTH (1939-USA). With BETTY COMPSON, MARY AINSLE. Sexy blonde teen Marian Morgan is hot stuff. She is bored and anxious, and looking for thrills and romance. Her frivolous divorcee mother is intent upon acting younger than her age; Mrs. Morgan feels she was robbed of her youth by a loveless marriage and admits she is terrified of growing old. One evening she hires a male escort to be her companion at a bridge party. While she is gone Marian throws a wingding of a get-together of her own. “Spin-the-bottle” is child’s play to Marian and her “gang.” They make out, dance orgiastically and divert themselves by engaging in a hot game of strip poker! These kids’ parents think they all are dear and sweet children. One mother even describes her daughter as a “modest little mouse,” yet this is the girl who is the number one loser at strip poker! As the scenario unfolds Mrs. Morgan finds herself rejected by the escort, who is more interested in dating her daughter. Things finally heat to a boiling point when Marian and her best friend Helen somehow find themselves procured into prostitution! Unlike Hollywood films of the era which mostly portray teens as ice cream soda-sipping innocents, this thoroughly risque and fascinating drama acknowledges adolescents’ raging hormones. It also is loaded with R-rated lines and double entendres. Our favorite: “When a fella has to goo he just has to goo,” a lad complains when a cop intrudes on his making out with a girl in a parked car. 64 minutes. Drama