Magic Voyage Of Sinbad, The; Sadko

2425. THE MAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD (Sadko) (1962-USSR) COLOR. This zesty epic chronicles the further adventures of one of fiction’s most beloved heroes. The time is long ago and the setting is to the East, beyond the temples of India and farther even than the jewelled municipalities of Arabia. Here exists the city of Covosan, the home of Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad is famed for fighting the one-eyed cyclops and sailing around the world in search of treasure. He arrives in Covosan to find the city in disarray. Wealthy merchants are wallowing in riches, and are unconcerned with the sorry plight of the poor and bedraggled citizenry. Covosan has become a city without magic, and this mars Sinbad’s otherwise joyful homecoming. He becomes determined to begin building a small fleet of ships that will set sail across the seas to find a “bird of happiness” that will liberate Covosan from its enslavement. The film also is intriguing as a thinly veiled allegory of oppressed workers and selfish capitalists insensitive to the needs of the masses, with Sinbad seen as the latter’s inspirational leader. Although he is not listed in the opening credits, FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA adapted the English language version of this film, which originally was released in Russia in 1952 under the title “Sadko.” Dubbed in English. 78 minutes. Fantasy