Make A Wish

31. MAKE A WISH (1937-usa). WITH bobby breen, basil rathbone, leon errol, donald meek. Story by gertrude berg. Superb family entertainment, ranging from the backwoods Of Maine to the backstages Of Broadway. A precocious youngster vacationing at a boys’ camp befriends a charming composer living across the lake. The composer finds his inspiration to complete an operetta when he meets the boyÕs mother, a beautiful singer. But her stuffy fiancŽe won’t let her return to the stage, and the composer, in desperation gives up everything and vanishes. His work falls into the inept hands Of a comical trio Of would-be composers who doctor it more than a little. But the boy saves the day, and all ends happily on opening night, with his mother performing in the operetta, and Of course ending up with the composer. Bobby Breen, one Of the most popular child stars Of his time, sings a variety Of tunes, including camping songs and the appealing title number (“Make a wish, two or three. May they all come true, for you and me.”). 77 minutes. Music