Man From Texas, The

2198. THE MAN FROM TEXAS (1915-USA). With TOM MIX. Legendary cowboy actor Tom Mix stars in this action-packed Western produced during the first years of his celluloid stardom. It is set “in the days when a quick draw and a quicker trigger finger meant life or death in the fraction of a second.” Mix plays ‘Texas,” a ranch hand who receives a most disturbing letter from his sister Mae. She writes that she has been seduced and abandoned by a sniveling blackguard. Texas’ mind is tortured by thoughts of Mae. He sets out on a journey of revenge. Along the way he gets to tangle with a variety of varmints and also link up romantically with a pretty rancher’s daughter who proves to be a damsel in constant distress. Additionally, the film is fun to watch because some of it is tinted. The screen turns different colors from sequence to sequence depending upon the location or conÂtent of each. “Silent” film with music score. 43 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Western