Man Who Lived Again, The; Man Who Changed His Mind, The

1576. THE MAN WHO LIVED AGAIN (The Man Who Changed His Mind) (1936-England). With BORIS KARLOFF, ANNA LEE, JOHN LODER. Pretty doctor-researcher Clare Wyatt is set to head off to work with a Dr. Laurience, an outcast brain surgeon whom she believes is, at his worst, eccentric. “I would think twice before going,” a colleague warns her. “He was thrown out of Genoa. His ideas became impossible. There’s something queer about him now.” Clare’s reporter boyfriend has done some checking upon Laurience, and he tells her that the scienÂtist is “not the kind of thing a young girl should know.” Clare remains unconvincedÑand, of course, these allegations prove to be no overstatements. Laurience is played by a tousle-haired, deliciously neurotic Boris Karloff, and this self-described world’s greatest brain authority is ever-so-slightly mad. It seems that Laurience has developed a matter-transferring device and has been monkeying around with some chimpanzees, switching the minds and perÂsonalities from one to another. He’s also claiming to have discovered the human soul, and it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be employing human subjects in his experiments. Karloff is at his sinister best in this most enjoyable, well-directed thriller. 63 minutes. Horror