Man Who Wagged His Tail, The

1714. THE MAN WHO WAGGED HIS TAIL (1957-ltaly-Spain). With Peter Ustinov, Pablito Calvo. This is a real curio: a warm-hearted comedy-fairy tale that’s a Spanish-Italian co-production, yet it was filmed on the streets Of dear old Brooklyn, New York (as well as in Madrid). Peter Ustinov, the director-novelist-playwright-screenwriter-Academy Award-winning actor, Offers a letter-perfect performance as the appropriately named Mr. Bossi: a slobbish, Scrooge-like lawyer-slumlord who terrorizes his tenants in an Italian immigrant neighborhood in Brooklyn. Bossi is a miserable sort who is not above illegally withholding an inheritance from a young orphan girl; he’s even had a lock installed on his refrigerator door so that his meek assistant will be unable to help himself to crumbs, and he greets visitors whom he doesn’t favor by barking at them. Bossi is desperately in need Of a lesson in humility and humanity. One day, a mysterious old lady lays a curse on him and – presto ¥ Bossi is miraculously transformed into the big, ugly mongrel that he’s so fond Of imitating. He is destined to remain alone and maintain this new identity until he wins someone’s love. Things begin to look up when the “dog” becomes attached to Tonino, a sad, isolated little boy, but then there are complications, One Of the highlights: the canine Bossi’s Chaplinesque incident with the silent hobo. Dubbed into English. 88 minutes. Comedy