Marines Are Coming, The

2440. THE MARINES ARE COMING (1934-USA). With WILLIAM HAINES, CONRAD NAGEL, ESTHER RALSTON, EDGAR KENNEDY. “Wild Bill” Traylor is a happy-go-lucky Marine lieutenant who savors taking life easy. So easy in fact that he has come to be known as the playboy of the corps. Traylor has just returned to the United Slates from duty overseas and is reassigned to the company of his old nemesis. The latter is Captain Edward Benton, a by-the-book type with a stern demeanor. These two have clashed in the past and are destined to do so again. You know this will be the case after Traylor informs Benton, “I want to be a smiling lieutenant, not a sourpuss captain.” Traylor spies a photo of a pretty girl on the captain’s desk. She is Dorothy Manning, an admiral’s daughter. Problems are certain to arise after Traylor cuts in on Benton as he dances with Dorothy at a ball. “You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen,” he tells her. For once, perhaps, the lieutenant is deadly serious with regard to matters of the heart. Add to the mix some bloodthirsty Central American bandits and a jealous and hot-tempered Spanish dancer who has come to assume that Traylor is hers and hers alone, and the result is a nifty drama of romance and intrigue. This also is the final feature film appearance by popular leading man William Haines, who stars as Traylor. 71 minutes. Adventure Drama