Matrimaniac, The

961. THE MATRIMAN1AC (1916-usa). WITH Douglas Fairbanks, constance talmadge. A one gag comedy that is saved by the one gag being a good one. Fairbanks is determined to marry fair ConÂstance; over my dead body, says her Daddy! Portraying “I. Conroy” in one of his last films for Triangle before starting his own production company, Fairbanks grabs a hapless, but game, minister and chases after ConÂstance. Kept two jumps ahead by Daddy’s detectives, will boy get girl? Of course he will, but the chase by train, hand-car, mute, box car, etc., is exciting and fun. Daddy catches up with Constance, has the minÂister thrown in the hoose-gow, and sends the law after Douglas. Climbing up the wall of the fail to free the minister is duck soup for acrobatic Fairbanks. How to solve the problem of the girl under guard in a hotel, the minister in jail, and three detectives hot on the his trail . . . Easy … For Douglas Fairbanks! Is any bride worth all that trouble! SureÑin silent comedies! Boy is gonna get girlÑor else! Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 75 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Comedy