Mau Mau

2578. MAU-MAU (1954-USA) COLOR. Narrated by CHET HUNTLEY. Eminent broadcast journalist Chet Huntley presents a vivid portrait of the dreaded fanatical Kenyan Mau-Maus in this fascinating and absorbing documentary. This top-secret cult of Kikuyu tribe members was created for the purpose of driving the white population from Kenya by murder and pillaging, The film traces the roots of the Mau-Mau society and graphically depicts its initiation rituals. Included are scenes from the notorious Mau-Mau trials, wherein the whites in Kenya convicted and subsequently imprisoned and hanged many of the Mau-Maus. Footage of Kenyan prison camps and rehabilitation centers offers a sampling of the tactics the Europeans took to curb Mau-Mau violence. There are plenty of bare-breasted women being raped…and worse! This incredible chronicle paints a penetrating portrait of the fearsome black nationalist movement, which was strongly responsible for the eventual creation of an independent Kenyan republic. The film was made with the cooperation of the Kenyan government, police and military, it includes early and rare foolage of convicted Mau-Mau leader JOMO KENYATTA, who was to become Kenya’s first president a decade after this film was made. 53 minutes. Exploitation Documentary