Mazurka; Mazurka Pa Sengekanten

159. MAZURKA (MAZURKA PA SENGEKANTEN) (1970-Denmark). COLOR. A saucy sex farce, proving that there’s something erotic in the state Of Denmark! At a boys’ school, a new dean is about to be selected. The students’ favorite candidate, a good-natured teacher named Max, has almost everything going for him. The only problem is, tradition requires the dean to be married, and Max is not only singleÑhe’s a virgin! Trying to be helpful, the boys surprise Max with a stripteaser, who pops out Of a gift-wrapped package, dances and writhes very suggestively, and takes it all Off only to frighten poor Max away. Hoping to learn something, our hero visits a Sex shop, but the bizarre paraphernalia and startlingly nude sales ladies just confuse him even further. In the meanwhile, various beautiful women, including two daughters Of a school board member, have their own sexual designs on Max. At the school dance Max and the present dean’s wife (a voluptuous, sex starved woman) do the mazurka, andÑone thing leading 10 anotherÑend the evening by making passionate love. From then on Max is absolutely insatiable, and his sexual exploits lead to many sprightly comic moments. Besides the nudity, the film has some clever double entendres and explicit dialogue. While it may not appeal to everyone’s tastes, it’s really an inOffensive, engaging movieÑa delicately baked, though decidedly spicy, Danish pastry! Dubbed into English. 91 minutes, Comedy