Meet Millie

2949. MEET MILLIE (November 1, 1955, 1952-USA) CBS-TV net. With ELENA VERDUGO, FLORENCE HALOP, MARVIN KAPLAN, ROLAND WINTERS. Participating sponsors. One of the first series to originate live from the new “Television City” in Hollywood was about a Manhattan secretary! Originally heard on radio in 1951, the series moved to TV to start the 1952 season with a cast of seasoned pros. The show was indeed funny, thanks to Mama Branson, a wise-cracking New Yorker and Alfred Prinzmetal who is simply indescribable. In the first of these two episodes, the cast is visiting a ranch out in Texas. There’s a dance tonight…will Hopalong Prinzmetal ride again? A real cow takes part in the fun, remember, this is live television! The second program deals with Millie Bronson’s upcoming vacation. A trip to the mountains gets sidetracked when boyfriend Johnnie would rather go fishing. A happy ending is sure to leave everyone smiling in this classic situation comedy that depended little on “situation” and much on clever writing and top-notch comedy performers. 54 minutes total. Live TV Comedy