Meet Sexton Blake

2614. MEET SEXTON BLAKE! (1944-England). With DAVID FARRAR. More than 2,000 Sexton Blake mystery stories have been published since he was created as a rival to Sherlock Holmes in 1893. After seeing this World War II suspense thriller, you may want to read them all! The plot unravels on a pitch black night at the London docks as a man tugs at the hand of a corpse and finally begins to saw off the hand. Moments later, the same man becomes a corpse himself as he falls from a bridge. A ship’s crewman hauls in the body and screams in horror as he finds a severed hand in the dead man’s pocket. Detective Sexton Blake is called in to analyze the crime. From the hairs on the back of the hand and the chemicals on the fingers, he surmises the hand belonged to a foreign photographer. Hours later, a millionaire armaments manufacturer enters Blake’s Baker Street apartment to seek his help in solving the murder of his friend-a foreign photographer! Blake declares to his young assistant Tinker that this is “one of the biggest jobs we have ever tackled.” Blake’s words are prophetic as he and Tinker uncover a sinister villain named “Slant Eyes” who leads them down an ungodly path where illegal drug trafficking, international espionage and murder prevail. Blake and Tinker find themselves one heartbeat away from death as they close in on the diabolical scoundrel who stalks the darker streets of London. 78 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense