Mickey The Great

1254. M1CKEY THE GREAT (1937-USA). With MICKEY mcguire, now known as MICKEY ROONEY, BILLY BARTY (the midget). DELIA BOGART reminisces with other former members Of the beloved “Mickey mcguire” series about the escapades Of the young “Toonerville Folks.” Ragamuffins with colorful names such as Ham bone, Tomboy and Lucky join Mickey mcguire and his little brother Billy (and Buster the dog) in creating fun and games to fill the summer days.
1. “Stinky” sabotages Toonerville’s first radio latent contest to assure himself the winnings.
2. Mickey becomes a private detective to find a chicken thief in order to obtain Uncle Nemo’s release from jail.
3. Who will give the best Imitation Tarzan, the Ape Man at the local circus? Will it be “Stinky” who practiced all week in his gymnasium at home, or Mickey who spent the days swinging from vines in a swamp near the zoo?
4. The mcguire gang raises money for the milk fund. At first, they attempt to manufacture milk from milkweed, then try to get it straight from a cow.
5. ‘SlinkyÕs father buys him a horse and cart to rare at the slate fair, so Mickey and the gang borrow an old Kentucky mule to enter in the race!
A compilation Of “Mickey mcguire” comedies from the early 30s before he achieved fame in the Andy Hardy series! 51 minutes total. Comedy